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The Pride

What is the pride? Well, it's all you guys, and how you feel about our tattoo products. You being totally happy with what we do is what we pride ourselves on. Sounds a little mushy granted, but it's true.

Don't just take our word for it that our tattoo products are the best, here's what a few of you had to say about us...


I am so impressed with the level of customer service that Black Cat has provided me on my order that I felt I needed to write you. In today’s busy Internet, there are many products and sources that a customer can purchase from and service is very important.
Other companies should stand and take notice of your service. I will be ordering from you again and will tell as many people as I can to order from you. You have a quality product and excellent service that has won this customer for life. Thank you and I will be ordering again
Steve Larson - Loyal Customer

I have been using these amazing products before they even had a label!!!! They are THE BEST…they are in my travel bag just in case I have the desire to inked when I am on the road!! I wouldn’t use anything else. EVER!
Melanie Owner - Bird and Vine Tattoo Studio

I have my customers use Black Cat Tattoo Aftercare exclusively.
D.Maniac - Tattooist

Black Cat Tattoo Aftercare is amazing. I’ve been using it and referring it to my customers for years. Everyone loves it! It’s convenient packaging is just the right size and doesn’t leak into your pocket like some other brands I’ve used in the past.
Hez - Gully Cat Tattoo Studio

Black cat tattoo products are the shit! They treat their customers with respect and produce a kick-ass product. Their formula really works and it is the only tattoo aftercare that I have and will carry in my shop. Thanks Kristen for making such a killer quality product!
Quinno Martin - Naughty Vibrations Tattoo Studio

I received my order a few days ago and I just wanna say AWESOME!!!!!!! Your product definetly tops the other brands and I have made my mind up. I have a few of my good customers trying out the sampler packs and they have nothing but good to say about all of it.
I just want you guys to know that Black Cat is definetly going in my shop and I will be placing an order very very soon. So I just want to thank you for the opportunity to use your product and want you to know that is stuff is great!!!! so I’ll be seein ya soon
Eric Beson - Saucetank Tattoo Studio

Your aftercare salve, soap and lotion are great. When used properly they eliminate almost any and all scabbing,and help the tattoo retain it’s color. It’s one of the best aftercare products I’ve seen in a long time
J.D - Lucky13 Tattoo Studio

Aftercare always confused me. What do I use, when do I use it, why isn’t it working? I now use BC’s 3-step healing process. It has dramatically stepped up the overall healing time, level of comfort, and has been especially good at calming my body’s nearly allergic reaction to the color red.
Tom Allen -Tattoo show announcer & producer of "Skinned Alive"